Publications from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services has many publications to guide you in your sharing initiatives. Some of our favorites are listed below. To view more publications from the Center, select this link.

Roadmap to Develop Sharing Initiatives in Public Health

The Roadmap guides public health departments through the process of considering or establishing sharing arrangements.

Roadmap to Develop Sharing Initiatives in Public Health: Expedited Version

This document is a variation of the full Roadmap, which allows users to do a fast assessment of sharing arrangements. This expedited version should only be used under certain circumstances, such as during an emergency situation. It is always preferable to use the full Roadmap when time and circumstances permit.

Spectrum of Sharing Arrangements

The Spectrum describes the four main types of sharing arrangements.

Factors that Contribute to a Successful Sharing Arrangement

Several factors can increase the likelihood that a sharing arrangement will be successful.

Determining and Distributing Costs of Shared Public Health Services

This primer can assist policymakers and public health officials as they determine the full cost of a sharing arrangement and decide how to distribute that cost among jurisdictions.

Guide for Developing Legal Documents Governing Sharing Arrangements

This tool, prepared by the Center in collaboration with the Network for Public Health Law, assists in developing legal agreements that govern sharing arrangements.

Assessment Tools for Public Health

The Center offers several assessment tools for public health agencies and departments considering or implementing sharing arrangements.

Measuring the Impact of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Public Health

This document provides instructions to develop and implement an impact measurement plan for a sharing arrangement.

Staff Sharing in Public Health Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to help public health departments evaluate the appropriateness of sharing staff among two or more jurisdictions and communicate about staff sharing arrangements with elected and appointed officials so that these decision-makers can make sound policies about sharing staff.

Sharing Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This brief highlights examples of resource sharing during the COVID-19 response and discusses challenges and benefits associated with sharing resources during this public health emergency.

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