Technical Assistance

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services is committed to doing what we can to facilitate the exploration, planning, preparation, implementation, monitoring and improvement of CJS approaches. For this reason, we provide technical assistance to jurisdictions considering or adopting cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) approaches.

We offer technical assistance in several ways:

  • Email conversations: Many technical assistance requests can be handled over email. For example, we can use email to answer straight-forward questions and to point out existing resources that can help with specific issues.
  • Phone consultations: More complex issues may require a phone call or two. We can offer advice or discuss complicated issues over the phone.
  • Virtual presentations: We can meet via conference call with your staff or stakeholders, and we can provide educational webinars for your group.
  • On-site meetings: In a limited number of cases, we may be able to travel to your location to give an educational session, provide a workshop or facilitate a discussion with multiple stakeholders on CJS.


To request technical assistance, do one of the following: