Assessment Tool for Public Health — Self-Assessment of Progress Along the CJS Roadmap

Resource Summary

What is it? A self-administered survey designed to help current or potential CJS partners (public health agency jurisdictions) better understand the extent to which important issues that can affect the success of a CJS initiative have been identified and discussed. The survey components closely mirror the structure of the Roadmap.

When can I use it? This tool can be completed at any point after the beginning of a CJS planning or implementation process if there are specific questions for a phase of the CJS process. CJS partners may find reviewing the questions for phases which they might have considered complete to be highly informative regarding the shared perspectives on issues that may not have been completely resolved.

How do I use it? This assessment can be taken individually by members of the CJS team, or as a team to stimulate a group discussion about the questions being asked.

What is next? This survey is intended to help agencies explore the extent to which important issues have been identified and discussed, and to examine the level of agreement regarding the planning and implementation process. The scores obtained are not meant to be used as a “pass‐or‐fail” threshold, but instead should be used to point out potential areas of disagreement among team members and organizations and to show a comparison of the strength of each phase of the CJS initiative. Based on the result of this survey, partners may want to revisit and discuss appropriate portions of the Roadmap. Additional tools are also available from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services to help partners examine and discuss important factors in designing their CJS agreements.

This tool requires calculation of a score. Print the PDF if you want to fill it out on paper and calculate the score manually. Select the Excel file if you are planning to fill it out electronically and want the score to be calculated automatically. Publication number CSPHS/10-V1.