The Collaboration Spectrum

This tool, which provides an activity and discussion prompts, allows groups to assess where they fit along a spectrum of collaboration with current or future partners. The spectrum shows seven levels of collaboration, ranging from competition to integration. Trust becomes more important as the level of collaboration increases. This tool is available online at:

Assessment Tools for Public Health

The Center offers several assessment tools for public health agencies and departments considering or implementing CJS arrangements. Collaborative Trust Scale This survey assesses levels of trust between partner organizations. It can make discussions about trust safer and more productive. The survey is a useful tool to help partners build stronger, more productive, collaborative relationships. Find […]

The 4 stages of team development: Where are you?

The link for this resource provides a checklist for tracking progress of team development through the four stages: forming, storming, norming and performing. Available online: Armbruster, S., & Moran, J. (2013). The 4 stages of team development: Where are you? [web page].

CPI Inflation Calculator

This website sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a tool that calculates changes in prices for all goods and services based on the annual inflation rate and can be used for estimating costs and benefits in public health that could be useful for analyzing costs and benefits of a shared services arrangement. Available […]

Economic Impact Analysis Tool

This tool is an online calculator for translating project-specific impacts into community-wide effects, including new health and community services provided, number of jobs created, wages earned, and overall impact on the economy. Potentially useful tool for the lead agency of a sharing arrangement to demonstrate the effect of personnel and other spending in the jurisdiction. […]

Colorado Biannual Survey of Existing Public Health Services

This Biannual Survey of Existing Public Health Services asks about the provision of public health services among local health departments across Colorado. It can be used as an assessment tool to determine what public health services may be offered in some jurisdictions and not offered in others to initiate discussion around potential sharing arrangements. It […]

Getting Things Done Together: A Workbook for Achieving Regional Goals

“Getting Things Done Together” offers a way to plan for getting things done regionally. It was created for people who are ready and willing to work toward accomplishing an important goal for their communities and neighboring areas, and will help develop a thorough grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of initiatives, as well as a […]

Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Project Preliminary Questions for Gap Analysis Discussion with Leadership Team

This document provides a set of questions to initiate a gap analysis discussion among leadership teams contemplating cross-jurisdictional sharing arrangements. It can be used as a starting point in exploring what type of sharing arrangements might be most effective. These questions can be shared with key stakeholders ahead of an exploratory leadership meeting or asked […]