Assessment Tool for Public Health — One Existing CJS Arrangement

Resource Summary

What is it? A self-administered survey designed to help current or potential CJS partners (public health agency jurisdictions) gain a clear definition, and better understanding of one current or planned shared service arrangement.

When can I use it? This tool is intended to help current or potential CJS partners in planning new or additional sharing initiatives. It will be most useful when utilized at the beginning of any CJS planning or reexamination process. The survey requires the identification of a specific CJS agreement to examine and the partners involved before it can be utilized.

How do I use it? The survey should be completed by one representative of each of the public health agencies involved in one current or planned cross‐jurisdictional sharing initiative. Each survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

What is next? As this survey is intended to help agencies assess the utility of a current agreement and assist in planning additional sharing initiatives, results from each partner should be discussed and compared and areas of difference or disagreement identified and discussed. Additional tools are also available from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services to help partners examine and discuss important factors in designing their CJS agreements.

We are offering this tool in two different formats. Print the PDF if you want to use the survey as written. Select the Word file if you want to make changes to the survey before distributing it. Publication number CSPHS/09-V1.