Northwoods Shared Services Project

This presentation provides an overview of the Northwoods Shared Services Project in Wisconsin, a member of the Center’s Shared Services Learning Community, and includes its impetus and the history of collaboration in the region. It also explores resources and expectations for the project, project objectives, process deliverables, organization and approach, accomplishments, and evaluation.

Available online (pdf):

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  • Accreditation / Essential Services: The slideshow discusses how this service sharing initiative relates to the participant’s need to provide essential services and in achieving accreditation.
  • Background / History: The slideshow provides a brief background on the history and impetus of the Northwoods shared services project.
  • Communications: The slide show is a communications tool meant to provide information about the project to non-participants.
  • Monitoring and Improving: The slide show discusses how to collect data on shared services programs and monitor them over time.
  • Preparedness / Emergency Response: The history of the project is related to a loss of funding for emergency preparedness and this was part of the impetus for beginning this collaboration.
  • Research and Evaluation: The slideshow briefly discusses how to evaluate a shared services project.

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