Example Document

Washington County Survey Data: Pre-Information System Implementation Satisfaction Survey

This example document, comprised of survey data, comes from the merger of the Washington County and Ozaukee County health departments in Wisconsin. A key component of the merger was the implementation of shared information system (IS) services, which included shared drives and electronic health records (EHR). A survey was administered to staff in both counties […]

Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing of Services and Resources

This presentation, made during the annual meeting of the National Network of Public Health Institutes on May 23, 2012, in New Orleans provides an overview of organizational shared capacity in public health, identifies gaps in elected officials’ understanding of public health issues, discusses cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) of public health services efficiencies and capacities, and identifies […]

Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing: What Every Board of Health Member Needs to Know

This presentation, made during the National Association of Local Boards of Health annual meeting on August 8, 2012 in Atlanta, GA, provides an overview of public health’s past and present, highlights current issues facing local health departments, discusses cross jurisdictional sharing (CJS) of public health services efficiencies and capacities, and introduces the Center for Sharing […]

Strengthening Massachusetts Local Public Health: Moving from 351 to Double Digits

This presentation describes the roll-out of a regionalization program in Massachusetts to reduce the number of its public health districts and create a number of shared districts that would provide equal access to health care and retain the authority of local public boards of health. The presentation describes reasons for the process and how it […]

City of Worcester Task Force on Public Health Recommendations to the City Manager

This article describes the findings of a Public Health Task Force convened by Worcester City Manager. The task force presented a strategic framework for guiding future public health decision making. The report includes proposed new mission and vision statements, four strategic goals (each with brief findings and recommended priorities), a new Board of Health Governance model, […]

The Quest for Cost-Efficient Local Government in New England: What Role for Regional Consolidation?

This report provides projections on the economies of scale and cost savings that could be achieved through consolidation of various public services. Kodrzycki, Y. K. (2013). The Quest for Cost-Efficient Local Government in New England: What Role for Regional Consolidation? Boston, MA: New England Public Policy Center.

Consolidating Health Departments in Summit County, Ohio: A One Year Retrospective

This presentation is part of a panel discussion entitled, “You’re Not Alone: Dialogue about Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing.” The discussion occurred during the National Association of County and City Health Officials annual meeting on July 12, 2012, in Los Angeles, CA. A county-level policymaker from Ohio who participated in the implementation of cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) of public […]