Combining Contracts to Fight Chronic Disease in Montana

In 2011, the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Bureau received a CDC grant to closely examine their internal processes, so they could regionalize their work and combine individual contracts, with the ultimate goal of better addressing chronic disease prevention and health promotion at the local level. This publication is from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services.

Interjurisdictional Collaboration: Local Public Health Officials Versus County Commissioners

This article reports on a survey of Montana local health officers and county commissioners to determine their viewpoints on interjurisdictional collaboration in public health service delivery. The results indicate that public health officials and county commissioners seem to have similar viewpoints on reasons to collaborate and policy considerations, but different viewpoints on barriers to collaboration. […]

Webinar Slides: State Health Departments and Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (October 2018)

Overview: Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) models typically are established to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public health programs and outcomes. CJS arrangements may be initiated by local health departments in response to local needs. In addition, state health departments may use CJS to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state-funded programs or otherwise make system-wide […]