Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Arrangements Between Tribes and Counties for Emergency Preparedness Readiness

Resource Summary

This ongoing study will examine cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) between tribal and county governments in emergency preparedness capacity building and response. Investigators from the California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc., and partners from California Conference of Local Health Officers, Inter-Tribal Long Term Recovery Foundation, California Department of Health Care Services, and Indian Health Program of the California Department of Public Health, seek to gain a better understanding of: 1) the current prevalence and scope of CJS between tribal and county governments focused on strengthening emergency preparedness capacity; 2) the perceived spectrum of “value” in CJS arrangements between tribes and their potential county governmental partners; 3) how CJS value is associated with factors such as perception of the nature of tribal to non-tribal government relationships and formality of CJS agreements, as well as by organizational structure and capacity, quality of collaboration, politico-legal, and historical factors; and 4) the tribal and county government CJS characteristics most associated with achieving benchmark public health emergency preparedness measures. This study aims to identify effective practices for CJS implementation that will protect health and shed light on the nature of tribal and county government relationships from historical, cultural, and legal perspectives. Dissemination tools include a CJS toolkit for tribal and non-tribal governments.

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