Regional Consolidation of Local Government Services in New England: Opportunities and Challenges in Realizing Greater Cost Efficiencies

This policy forum featured new research by the New England Public Policy Center exploring if and how New England local governments could save through greater consolidation of public safety, public health, and high-level government administration services. Available online:

Massachusetts Public Health Regionalization Project

The goal of the Massachusetts Public Health Regionalization Project from the Boston University (BU) School of Public Health is to strengthen the Massachusetts public health system by creating a sustainable, regional system for equitable delivery of local public health services across the Commonwealth. The Project’s guiding principles envision a voluntary, incentive-driven system utilizing different models […]

County Manager’s Guide to Shared Services in Local Government

Budget stress in the wake of the recent recession has been an incentive for many U.S. local officials to explore new cooperative relationships with neighboring jurisdictions. County governments are in a strategic position to develop shared service projects and interlocal agreements for service delivery. This web-based article provides an overview of and introduction to shared […]

NACCHO Accreditation Preparation and Quality Improvement Resources

This website provides a variety of resources for accreditation preparation and quality improvement for local health departments. NACCHO’s Quality Improvement (QI) and Accreditation Preparation Webinar Series provides periodic webinars as part of NACCHO’s continued commitment to QI and preparing local health departments (LHDs) for national accreditation. Available online:

National Network of Public Health Institutes

The National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) provides fiscal and administrative management for Public Health Institutes (PHIs), which are nonprofit organizations that improve the public’s health by fostering innovation, leveraging resources and building partnerships across sectors, including government agencies, communities, the health care delivery system, media and academia. Available online:

Public Health Accreditation Board: Standards & Measures

This web resource details the PHAB standards and measures for public health department accreditation. It includes access to the newest version of the Standards and Measures, and a summary of changes from the previous version. Available online: PHAB. (2011). Standards & Measures Version 1.0. Alexandria, VA: Public Health Accreditation Board.

The Quest for Cost-Efficient Local Government in New England: What Role for Regional Consolidation

This conference focused on the opportunities and challenges in realizing cost efficiencies through regional consolidation of local government services, including public health. Website: Kodrzycki, Y. K. (2013). The Quest for Cost-Efficient Local Government in New England: What Role for Regional Consolidation Conference [website]. Boston, MA: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.