Waushara/ Green Lake/ Marquette Consortium Agent Status Feasibility

This slide show presents the need, plan, and benefits of the Tri-County Environmental Health Consortium in Wisconsin. It also provides an overview of staffing needs, an implementation time-line, and overview of funding.

Available online (pdf): https://phsharing.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/WI_TriCounty_EH_Presentation.pdf

It is included in the CJS Resource Library under the categories listed below. Select a link to find other resources in that category.

  • Change Management: This presentation makes a case for developing the Tri-County Consortium, explains how it will work, and the benefits of it
  • Communications: This is a communications tool for presenting the proposed Consortium and making a case for how it can be done and will benefit the community.
  • Environmental Issues: The purpose of the Consortium discussed is to improve environmental health capacity and increase the number of food services inspections. The slide show makes a case for developing the consortium, showing how it can be implemented and discussing the benefits of implementation.

This resource is also linked to the Roadmap. Select a link below to read more about each area.

  • Why? / Phase One: The slide show explains the need for the consortium, additional inspectors, and how sharing services will benefit the communities involved.
  • What? / Phase One: This slide show provides information on the benefits of a Tri-County Environmental Health Consortium and what the consortium will do (e.g., restaurant inspection), and the need for this endeavor.
  • Who? / Phase One: The slide show discusses who will participate in the Consortium — Green Lake County, Marquette County, and Waushara County — and their responsibilities.
  • Workforce Issues / Phase Two: This resource relates to workforce issues.