Regionalization in Local Public Health Systems: Public Health Preparedness in the Washington Metropolitan Area

This article examines case studies of regional preparedness structures in the Washington metro area to understand how they have been organized, implemented and governed, as well as to assess their likely impact on public health preparedness and public health systems generally. It reports on increased public health activities in the area since 9/11 and their […]

Q & A: Determining and Distributing the Costs of Shared Services (June 2014 Webinar)

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services presented a webinar in June 2014 that focused on issues associated with cost determination and allocation methods of shared public health services. The discussion was led by Justin Marlowe, PhD, CGFM, Endowed Professor of Finance and Civic Engagement at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at […]

Case Study: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Cross‐Jurisdictional Services Project, Southwest Washington: 2014‐2015

This case study examines the Center’s demonstration site in Southwest Washington state. The participants were seeking to develop a governance structure that could be used for a wide variety of projects and services. After eight meetings, the team ultimately determined that further pursuit of the original goal would not be productive. This case study is […]