Strengthening Public Health in Rural Ohio Through a Council of Governments

Seven local health departments in the rural northeast corner of Ohio developed a council of governments to facilitate sharing services in order to increase their respective capacities. In the process, they realized an unexpected byproduct was establishing a stronger voice for local public health. This publication is from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services.

Final Recommendations for Consolidators

Based on an assessment of three local health departments, Kent State University personnel make recommendations for public health leaders who are consolidating local health agencies. Recommendations include 1) defining and collecting baseline information, 2) carefully planning the process of implementation, and 3) addressing challenges (i.e., leadership, credibility, assessment of progress). Call the Center for Sharing […]

The Consolidation of the Health Departments in Summit County, Ohio

This report provides a historical narrative of the process of consolidating three local health departments into one for an entire county. It provides details of how the political, legal, fiscal and administrative challenges to obtaining approval of the merger and of implementing it were met. Harvard Kennedy School. (2012). The Consolidation of the Health Departments […]

Consolidating Health Departments in Summit County, Ohio: A One Year Retrospective

This report provides an overview of the eight major strategic and operational challenges the newly formed Summit County Public Health Department faced as it worked through its first year of transition after consolidating three local public health districts into a unified public health organization. The challenges involved implementing new overall strategic decisions, adjusting personnel and […]

Summit County Health District and Akron Health Department Consolidation Feasibility Study

This is a report on a feasibility study for the Summit County Health District (Ohio) and the Akron Health Department that examined the critical issues that could support or impede a successful merger with guidance from the health care community. The critical issues addressed include: governance, personnel, finance, public health services, facilities, legal issues, timetable […]

Public Health Futures: Considerations for a New Framework for Local Public Health in Ohio

This report proposes a model for Ohio’s local governmental public health system. The model includes a mechanism for governance and sustainable financing that considers cross-jurisdictional sharing and/or regionalization, enhances quality, and assures value. The project, which is the result of a public health project guided by a steering committee of health commissioners, explored cross-jurisdictional sharing […]

Final Report on the Feasibility of the Consolidation of the Findlay City Health District and the Hancock County (Ohio) General Health District into a Combined General Health District

This report, funded in part by NALBOH, documents a feasibility study of issues and options involved in the creation of a city / county health district consolidation. Call the Center for Sharing Public Health Services for more information about this publication.