Assessment, Evaluation, & Quality Improvement

Formalizing Collaboration to Prepare for Statewide Public Health Transformation in Oregon

Marion and Polk counties in Oregon were prompted to develop a formal cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangement by the state’s public health modernization work. They currently have two intergovernmental agreements in place, and continue to identify additional challenges and opportunities that could be well-served by CJS. This publication is from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services.

Washington County Survey Data: Pre-Information System Implementation Satisfaction Survey

This example document, comprised of survey data, comes from the merger of the Washington County and Ozaukee County health departments in Wisconsin. A key component of the merger was the implementation of shared information system (IS) services, which included shared drives and electronic health records (EHR). A survey was administered to staff in both counties […]

Assessment Tools for Public Health

The Center offers several assessment tools for public health agencies and departments considering or implementing CJS arrangements. Collaborative Trust Scale This survey assesses levels of trust between partner organizations. It can make discussions about trust safer and more productive. The survey is a useful tool to help partners build stronger, more productive, collaborative relationships. Find […]

Final Recommendations for Consolidators

Based on an assessment of three local health departments, Kent State University personnel make recommendations for public health leaders who are consolidating local health agencies. Recommendations include 1) defining and collecting baseline information, 2) carefully planning the process of implementation, and 3) addressing challenges (i.e., leadership, credibility, assessment of progress). Call the Center for Sharing […]

Consolidating Health Departments in Summit County, Ohio: A One Year Retrospective

This report provides an overview of the eight major strategic and operational challenges the newly formed Summit County Public Health Department faced as it worked through its first year of transition after consolidating three local public health districts into a unified public health organization. The challenges involved implementing new overall strategic decisions, adjusting personnel and […]

Multistate Assessment of Public Health Surveillance Relevant to American Indians and Alaska Natives, 2007

This article focuses on the need to strengthen relationships among the multiple jurisdictions involved in the health of American Indians and Alaska Native populations. It reports the results of an online survey of state epidemiologists assessing collaboration between state health departments and AI/AN Tribes and agencies. The report’s findings align with previous work indicating that […]