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The Center is Moving to PHAB!

Since 2012, the Center for Sharing Public Health Services has been managed by the Kansas Health Institute with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. On July 1, 2022, the Center will move to the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). To learn more about how the Center’s work will be integrated with national efforts to support public health transformation, see the full press release from PHAB.

Center Updates

May 2022 – At the Center for Sharing Public Health Services (CSPHS), we have been busy distilling what we have learned from the Cross-Sector Innovation Initiative, in partnership with the Public Health National Center for Innovations. In addition to highlighting the work of each of the 10 grantees, we are summarizing the unique role of […]

Looking Back on a Decade of Resource Sharing

December 2021 — After almost 10 years of managing the Center for Sharing Public Health Services, I have decided that it’s time to retire. As I step down at the end of 2021, I’m leaving the Center in very capable hands. Grace Gorenflo — who has been with us since the beginning and was very instrumental in developing the concept of the Center — assumes the role of Center Director in January 2022. Recently, I sat down with Grace to reflect on our past 10 years of activities. In this column, I’m going to hit the highlights of our conversation.

Navigating Sharing Arrangements: Leveraging the Power of the Roadmap

July 2021 — At the Center for Sharing Public Health Services, we believe in the power of the journey to drive you toward your destination. This principle comes alive in one of our flagship tools — the Roadmap — which guides health departments through the process of developing sharing arrangements across boundaries. The Roadmap recently underwent updates to reflect our new definition of cross-jurisdictional sharing. In addition, because of situations prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed an expedited version of the Roadmap to facilitate sharing arrangements in specific situations that do not allow for or necessitate the application of the full Roadmap model. This Director’s Message breaks down the two versions of the Roadmap, as well as when to use each.

Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing, Reimagined

May 2021 — Since 2012, cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) has been the cornerstone of the Center’s work. CJS remains at the heart of our work today, and it’s with excitement that I share the work we have been doing the last few months to reimagine what CJS looks like in the current public health landscape. This Director’s Message breaks down changes to our CJS model and the work we do at the Center.

Modernizing Public Health Through Resource Sharing

March 2021 — Health departments are set to receive billions of dollars in federal aid through the COVID-19 relief legislation. This influx of funding presents a unique opportunity to build a more effective, equitable and responsive system, and there is a growing interest in resource sharing across organizational boundaries as a valuable tool for assuring that essential public health services are provided to all. This Director’s Message highlights examples of modernization activities that include resource sharing, with particular attention to the potential role that state policymakers may have in promoting resource sharing to modernize public health.

COVID-19 and Lessons Learned: Turning Challenge into Opportunity

February 2021 — As we approach a year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s good to take stock of what we’ve learned. Though an uphill battle remains, we have seen public health leaders face enormous challenges, form new partnerships and discover opportunities to use cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) to build a stronger public health foundation for the future. In our latest column, we highlight some key insights about how CJS can improve public health capacity during the pandemic and beyond.

Rethinking Collaboration in a New Era: 2020 Grantees Announced

December 2020 — Earlier this year, we decided to move forward with another round of funding through the Center’s 2020 Small Grants Program. We are pleased to announce that we have selected three grantees that are working on important CJS initiatives to advance health equity. However, the response to the CFP has left us wondering if our definition of cross-jurisdictional sharing is too narrow for the current times.

Increasing Capacity During COVID-19: 5 Tips to Streamline Partnership Development

June 2020 — As COVID-19 cases spike in many communities, public health departments are under tremendous pressure to respond with increased testing and contact tracing. Because many health departments do not have the resources to do this work on their own, some have turned to cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) to increase capacity. At a time like this, we offer the following thoughts on quickly planning and implementing CJS arrangements for expanded COVID-19 response operations.

Building Bridges: Using Stories to Move from Theory to Practice

May 2020 — At the Center for Sharing Public Health Services, we have long recognized the power of storytelling. One way we disseminate learnings is by sharing stories from our grantees and other public health professionals who have worked on cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) initiatives. Recently, we published several stories on the CJS in Action page of our website.