Sample Agreement

Intergovernmental Agreement (San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership in Colorado)

This document provides an example of a four-year intergovernmental agreement among six counties in Colorado officially recognizing the collaborative efforts of their jurisdictions to develop regional agreements, activities, and infrastructure for shared public health services in an effort to increase capacity, contain costs, maximize assets and effectively impact health outcomes.

Letter of Agreement Public Health Shared Services Pilot Project

This Letter of Agreement for a Public Health Shared Services Pilot Project is between two New York counties outlining their commitment to provide quality essential public health services effectively to their residents but acknowledges that fiscal pressures necessitate collaborative measure. The parties agree to share a public health director and deputy public health director and […]

Memorandum of Understanding: Northwoods Preparedness Collaborative

This document is a memorandum of understanding (MOU) template for the Northwoods Preparedness Collaborative in Wisconsin, which consists of ten local public health departments that contribute a percentage of their annual public health emergency preparedness (PHEP) allocation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is administered through the State of Wisconsin Department of […]

State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services Agreement to Purchase Services

This is an agreement to purchase services between the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the City of Portland, Maine, creating an arrangement where the City of Portland agrees to provide specified public health services for the Strategic National Stockpile Program for a specified geographic area.