San Diego/Imperial Counties – Baja California

This grantee was part of the Center’s Shared Services Learning Community.

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San Diego/Imperial Counties – Baja California
The International Community Foundation (ICF) spearheaded this effort to develop a formal and sustainable mechanism for San Diego and Imperial Counties, the State of California, and the State of Baja California (Mexico) to continue their cooperative efforts to address cross‐border tuberculosis (TB) cases.

The following links provide more information about this site:

  • Summary Report: This report was published in 2015 and provides a summary of the site’s activities during the time it was a demonstration site for the Center.
  • Site Visit Report: The Center visited the site in September 2013. This report documents the activities from the site visit as well as some of the Center’s observations.
  • Project Description: The site produced this report to describe its work.
  • Slide Deck: Richard Kiy, President & CEO of the International Community Foundation, gave this presentation, entitled Understanding San Diego’s Inter-Relationship with Mexico: Lessons for America’s Heartland, at the January 2014 meeting of the Shared Services Learning Community (SSLC) in San Diego.


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