Center's Cost-Sharing Primer Now Available

Center Co-Directors Gianfranco Pezzino and Pat Libbey.

We are pleased to announce our newest publication, Determining and Distributing Costs of Shared Public Health Services.

This cost-sharing primer (see details in related article) provides an overview of how to determine the full costs of a shared service arrangement and offers several models that jurisdictions can use to apportion those costs. Armed with this information, policymakers and public health officials will be better prepared to seek advice from their organization’s financial staff and will, ultimately, be able to make cost-sharing decisions that are consistent with the goals of their projects and the specific local realities in which they are implemented.

Through our experiences working with the Shared Services Learning Community, we’ve become aware of how challenging cost-apportionment decisions can be. Effective cost sharing demands high levels of trust and careful attention to a unique set of budgeting and political challenges. Done correctly, effective cost sharing will strengthen trust among partners by anticipating issues and proactively addressing them. When participating jurisdictions share an understanding of the actual costs of the CJS initiative and agree on how to apportion those costs, they set an essential foundation on which to build trust.

It is our hope that this document will become an essential resource for public health officials and policymakers as they work through the cost-apportioning aspects of CJS arrangements. We value your feedback. Please email us at

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