Local Government Management Guide: Shared Services in Local Government

This manual, provided by the New York state comptroller, provides a step-by-step process for implementing shared services within a local government.

Available online: hthttp://icma.org/en/icma/knowledge_network/documents/kn/Document/301683/Local_Government_Management_Guide_Shared_Services_in_Local_Government

It is included in the CJS Resource Library under the categories listed below. Select a link to find other resources in that category.

  • Change Management: This book addresses multiple aspects of change management, from identifying stakeholder to communicating clearly.
  • Communications: This handbook has a chapter on communication and explores it across multiple entities.
  • Legal Issues: The handbook has a chapter on legal authority, including who can participate and how to get started with an agreement.

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  • What? / Phase One: As an overview of the sharing process, this handbook would be very useful for anyone at the beginning of the sharing process.