Building a Strong Foundation for Health

This report describes how the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and 50 locally governed community health boards work together to protect and improve health. It discusses the public health partnership’s strengths, as well as issues and challenges facing the public health system. It also includes brief vignettes of each region in Minnesota, which highlight unique attributes, successes, and challenges at the local level.

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  • Governance: The document shares that the Minnesota public health system requires sustained action to enhance its agility and ensure its future success.
  • Regionalization: This document provides examples where the Minnesota public health system is maximizing resources through cross-jurisdictional sharing, to achieve economies of scale, gain efficiency, and increase the capacity of local health departments.
  • Rural / Small Jurisdictions: This document identifies that in Minnesota there are capacity and resource disparities between a number of small and large jurisdictions.


Minnesota Department of Health. (2013). Building a Solid Foundation for Health: 2013 Report to the Minnesota Legislature on Public Health System Development. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Department of Health.