Policy Brief–Consolidation of Local Health Departments in Ohio: Motivations and Impacts

This report examines the motivations for and impacts of consolidations of local public health departments in Ohio. Since 2001, there have been twenty cases of city health departments merging their public health services with those of a county health department or another city health department in Ohio, and this has resulted in a 13 percent decrease in the number of local health departments. Issues involving expenditures, workforces and service delivery are examined.

Available online (pdf): http://www2.kent.edu/cpph/upload/finalraphi-lhdconsolidationsummer2013.pdf

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  • Consolidation: This report examines the impact of consolidation on health departments in Ohio.
  • Fiscal and Service Issues: This report examines the impact of consolidation on services and spending.
  • Quality Improvement: This study reports improved services as a result of consolidation
  • Research and Evaluation: It presents research findings from combined administrative data and from interviews with local health directors


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