Technical Assistance

Working across jurisdictional lines means planning, communicating and managing change, among other skills. The tools needed depend on where communities exist in the process. A roadmap to developing cross-jurisdictional sharing initiatives is described in three phases:

  • Explore – Planning is focused on conceptual feasibility and allows all partners to jointly shape and develop expectations about what to pursue.
  • Prepare & Plan – Activities are directed at operational options and implementation; topics include governance, structural and legal concerns as well as communications, ongoing change management, financing staffing, facilities, and timeline.
  • Implement & Improve – Focuses on implementing the planned activities and evaluating how the sharing arrangement is meeting specific outcomes for team participants.


Distinguishing between these phases is important, as is the order the phases are completed. For example, the implementation plan is based on the results of the exploratory planning and conceptual feasibility work. The order reflects the complexity of CJS work and the assurance that all team members are fully committed to the process.

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A Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Initiatives (PDF)

A Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Initiatives [insert] (PDF)