Fiscal and Service Implications / Phase Two / Roadmap

Questions related to fiscal and service implications in sharing arrangements should be addressed in Phase Two of the Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Initiatives.

Examples of issues to consider:

  • Does the plan achieve a balance between increasing efficiency and effectiveness?
  • What are existing and potential funding streams that can assure adequate and sustainable operational funding?
  • Will public health essential services be provided in a manner that meets or exceeds current levels of performance?
  • Are there issues related to uneven levels of local taxation to support public health services among the jurisdictions involved that need to be addressed?

Resources to help answer these questions can be found below the line.
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The resources are part of the Center’s CJS Resource Library, which contains best practices, lessons learned and tools that can help jurisdictions considering or adopting cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements. While most tools and resources in the library primarily focus on public health CJS, some address public sector CJS more broadly.
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Fiscal Lead Tool

This tool helps interested parties explore whether one agency in a shared services agreement should take the role as fiscal agent or fiscal... read more ›