A Roadmap for Government Transformation

This report provides the results of facilitated research and discussion about ways for governmental leaders to transform governmental service delivery within Wisconsin by 1) determining whether having fewer governments is truly more efficient and cost effective than having more local governments; 2) understanding how existing regional government organizations synthesize local and regional interest to get […]

Local Government Collaboration In Wisconsin: Case Studies

This report provides a collection of Wisconsin-based case studies focused on collaborative and cooperative initiatives among public sector providers. Service areas covered include public health and safety and infrastructure services — including fire, medical, animal control, dispatch, highway service, water, sanitation, etc. The report also include cross-cutting findings about the obstacles to collaboration and lessons […]

Service Sharing and Tribal Health Departments: Initial Considerations

Nancy Young, executive director of the Institute for Wisconsin’s Health, focuses on general issues related to CJS arrangements among local and tribal governments. In related presentations, Carol Rollins, environmental health director with the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health, and Christine Hovell, health officer with Jackson County Public Health, describe their specific experiences.

Exploring Shared Service Collaboration in Wisconsin Local Public Health Agencies: A Review of the Literature

This report summarizes driving forces for shared services including emergency preparedness, accreditation and economics from Massachusetts; Illinois; Washington, DC; Kansas; Utah; Missouri; Connecticut; and Wisconsin. Konkle, K. (2009). Exploring Shared Service Collaboration in Wisconsin Local Public Health Agencies: A Review of the Literature. Madison, WI: Institute for Wisconsin’s Health Inc. This resource is available online: […]

Memorandum of Understanding: Northwoods Preparedness Collaborative

This document is a memorandum of understanding (MOU) template for the Northwoods Preparedness Collaborative in Wisconsin, which consists of ten local public health departments that contribute a percentage of their annual public health emergency preparedness (PHEP) allocation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is administered through the State of Wisconsin Department of […]

Shared Public Health Services Survey

This Public Health Services Survey asks about the provision of public health services among multiple jurisdictions in an effort to determine interest in working together. It can be used as an assessment tool to determine what public health services may be offered in some jurisdictions and not offered in others to initiate discussion around potential […]

Terms of Agreement and Instructions for Acting as an Agent for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

This agreement lists what the Tri-County Environmental Consortium agrees to do, such as restaurant inspections, and the responsibilities of its agents when they are acting on its behalf. It was developed by the Northwoods Shared Services Project in Wisconsin, a member of the Center’s Shared Services Learning Community.