Horizon Community Health Board 2012 Quality Improvement Plan Goals

This document outlines the 2012 quality improvement plan goals established for the Horizon Community Health Board (Minnesota): 1) assess and address quality improvement as it relates to the broad five-county community health board; 2) explore organizational structure options to identify the structure that will support the organization’s capacity to meet national accreditation standards and measures; […]

Horizon Performance Management System

This chart provides a visual overview of service program team leads and oversight committee responsibility for the Horizon Community Health Board (Minnesota) Performance Management System. The document is part of a package that details activities by five counties exploring restructuring of their public health departments in order to assure the current and future presence of […]

Updating Minnesota’s Blueprint for Public Health

The Minnesota State Community Health Services Advisory Committee called for a workgroup to investigate increased changes in organizational and governance structures of local public health departments, to understand the changes at a foundational level and to update an earlier blueprint for a strong and successful system of public health departments. This report documents the workgroups […]

Horizon Public Health Organizational Chart

This organizational chart shows the organization of the different sectors and staff positions of the Horizon Public Health Department in Minnesota. At the top of the organization is the Administrator. Immediately below the administrator are Assistant Administrators, the Budget and Finance Supervisor, and the Human Resource Coordinator. Additional staff positions and programs flow down from […]