Regionalization: A Guide for Sharing Public Services in Massachusetts

This web article provides insight into thinking about regionalization of public services by focusing on municipal public health services in Massachusetts. It includes links to statutory requirements, types of sharing agreements, and other resources. Available online:

Exploring Shared Service Collaboration in Wisconsin Local Public Health Agencies: A Review of the Literature

This report summarizes driving forces for shared services including emergency preparedness, accreditation and economics from Massachusetts; Illinois; Washington, DC; Kansas; Utah; Missouri; Connecticut; and Wisconsin. Konkle, K. (2009). Exploring Shared Service Collaboration in Wisconsin Local Public Health Agencies: A Review of the Literature. Madison, WI: Institute for Wisconsin’s Health Inc. This resource is available online: […]

Evaluation of Regionalization Planning Efforts in Kansas and Massachusetts

On their own, many small, local health departments do not have the resources to meet accreditation program standards. As a result, several states have begun thinking about how to increase the capacity of local public health in order to not only meet accreditation standards, but also to provide citizens with services that they need and […]

Regional Public Health Emergency Preparedness: The Experience of Massachusetts Region 4b

This article describes the formation of Region 4b, an emergency preparedness region in Massachusetts, and how the region came together to work on emergency preparedness issues. It also examines the organizational, financial, and planning challenges associated with organizing these towns as a unified entity. Available online:

Cross-Jurisdictional Resource Sharing and the Scope and Quality of Public Health Services

These PowerPoint slides are from a webinar presented by the Dissemination and Implementation Research to Improve Value (DIRECTIVE) project. This multistate study conducted in Connecticut and Massachusetts examined relationships between service delivery models and the breadth, cost and quality of local public health services. Two service delivery models were selected for inclusion (independent health departments […]