Closed — Call for Proposals: Small Grants Program

Increasing the Body of Knowledge for Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Public Health



The Center for Sharing Public Health Services (the “Center”) is offering small grants to support cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements that fit into one of the Project Classifications listed below. While all applications will be reviewed, preference will be given to applicants that address at least one of the Priority Topic Areas listed below. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM CDT on August 16, 2019. Up to five awards will be made for an amount of up to $10,000 for a project period of up to eight months. Shorter projects will be considered. All projects must be concluded by 5/22/2020.

In addition to funding, Center staff will provide technical assistance tailored to each grantee’s needs. Grantees are expected to share the progress of their efforts during the project period, share results and lessons learned at the end of the project period, and share longer-term activities and results 12 months after the project period ends.

Project Classifications*

  1. Specific CJS arrangement
  2. Use of CJS as a systems change tool
  3. Research project

Priority Topic Areas**

  1. Addressing social determinants of health through CJS.
  2. CJS to implement foundational public health services, cultivate the role of chief health strategist, or address other aspects of Public Health 3.0.
  3. CJS to improve collaboration among state or local health departments and:
    • Tribal public health agencies; or
    • Military public health agencies.
  4. CJS to improve collaboration between or among state health departments.
  5. Implementation of a community health improvement plan developed through a CJS arrangement.
  6. Measuring the impact of a specific CJS arrangement.

Please note: This grant opportunity is not intended to support “as-needed” types of CJS arrangements (see Spectrum of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Arrangements); rather, it is focused on CJS models that involve sharing of capacity, services and programs operating on an on-going basis. Also, the grant will not support the initial exploration of a CJS arrangement (i.e., efforts to determine conceptual feasibility); rather, applicants must seek to plan, implement or improve a CJS arrangement. Finally, successful applicants are eligible to receive just one award.

Contact us if you have questions about this or other programs from the Center.

*See full descriptions of the classifications within the section titled Small Grants Program in the Call for Proposals (page 2).

**Applications that address other topics will be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: We are interested in the CSPHS small grants program to support a shared educational program to address a priority identified as part of our community health improvement plan. Can we use funds from the small grant to purchase educational equipment as part of our startup costs?

Response: No. Grant funds may not be used to purchase equipment, materials or other costs that may be incurred to deliver shared services.

Question: Our local health department covers a county with a large number of municipalities. Can we propose a CJS arrangement between our public health agency and one or more of the municipalities in our jurisdiction, or does our partner need to be another public health agency? If we do not have another local health department close to us are we only able to partner with our state health department?

Response: For this grant opportunity, the sharing must be between health departments. You may propose to work with your state health department, including a regional or district office of the state health department. However, the grant is not available for work between your health department and a different sector of municipal governments.

Question: We currently have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) among several local health departments for strategic planning related to our community health improvement plans. This MOU includes details regarding the specific roles, responsibilities and commitments of each of the health departments. Will a copy of this MOU be sufficient, or do we need separate letters of support for this grant application?

Response: Please provide separate letters of support from each organization that relate specifically to this grant opportunity.

Question: Do questions 1-3 on Appendix A count towards the 5 page limit?

Response: No. Only questions 4 – 7 count towards the 5 page limit.

Question: The proposal template states that the timeline is not included in the page limit – but the only direction to provide a timeline is in the narrative section of the application. How best do I take this part out so it also is not included in the page limit?

Answer: In the project narrative portion, include a sentence that says “See attachment for the timeline.”

Question: My health department is applying but we are working with another county health department and both departments are going to assign a staff member to work on the project. In the budget do we list the county health department that is not applying as a subcontract or do we just include salary and wage for both employees?

Answer: Please list the county health department that is not applying as a subcontractor.

Question: Will this grant support work between a county health department and two coalitions in our county that we are working with?

Answer: No.  To be eligible for this grant, at least two governmental public health agencies, serving different jurisdictions, must be involved.