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Members of the Northern Michigan team, from left to right: Linda Yaroch, Lester Atchison, Jane Sundmacher

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Title: Exploring arrangements for cross-jurisdictional sharing in the 25-county rural region of Northern Michigan

The project team will explore cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) across a 25-county rural region served by six local health departments. Project work includes preparing inventories of current capacity in each of the departments along with an inventory of current CJS arrangements, analyzing different CJS models and identifying those seen as most feasible for the region, developing a CJS strategic plan—including goals for each department as well as identification of common goals across the region—and preparing a feasibility study examining potential for multi-jurisdictional accreditation.

The $125,000 grant supports the exploration of CJS options involving five multi-county and one single county public health agencies serving more than 650,000 people across 25 counties.