San Luis Valley, Colorado

Members of the San Luis Valley team, from left to right: Kathleen Matthews, Kimberly Bryant and Della Vieira.

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Title: Exploring arrangements for cross-jurisdictional sharing in the six-county region of Colorado’s San Luis Valley

Six rural county health departments in Colorado’s San Luis Valley region will explore the feasibility and desirability of engaging in cross jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements to improve public health service delivery throughout the region.  Building on recent inventory work, the project team will prepare a detailed capacity and current shared service assessment.  The team will conduct a feasibility study examining CJS options, paying particular attention to issues of financing, governance, legal and policy issues of import.  This work will be followed by the development of a strategic plan for CJS implementation among the participants.

The $124,980 grant supports this CJS exploration and planning involving six county health departments and the state health department serving nearly 47,000 people across six counties.