San Diego/Imperial Counties – Baja California

Site visit participants tour a tuberculosis lab in Tijuana. Pictured from left to right are: Richard Kiy, Gianfranco Pezzino, Pat Libbey, Katie Wehr, Julia Estrada, Rafael Laniado, Viridiana de la Herran, Isaac Laniado de la Mora, Sonia Contreras and Héctor Perez.

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Title: Sharing approaches to tuberculosis care and prevention among two California counties, the state of California, and Baja California in Mexico

In order to more effectively respond to cross border tuberculosis cases, the project team plans to use a cross jurisdictional sharing (CJS) approach to formalize and improve the participating jurisdictions’ current working arrangements. The team will assess current working arrangements, explore options, and draft proposed CJS approaches with attention to financial, legal and policy related issues with the intent of ensuring the long-term sustainability of vital cross-border TB care and prevention services.

The $125,000 grant supports the examination of CJS for coordinating service delivery involving two county health departments, one state health agency, and the state of Baja California in Mexico serving nearly 6.4 million people across two counties and the Baja California border region.