Webinar Recording: Ways to Organize Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing — The Role of Third Parties (December 2018)

Resource Summary


While many cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangements involve only the participating health departments, sometimes a third party can play a vital role in supporting health departments’ efforts to share services. The speakers in this webinar described two different models through which health departments enhanced their efficiency and effectiveness due to the work of a third party. The first model is based in western Massachusetts and the second model is based in northern Michigan.

Download the webinar slides: Ways to Organize Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing: The Role of Third Parties


  1. Describe the benefits of using a third party to support CJS arrangements.
  2. Describe two models that engage a third party in order to share services.

Guest Speakers:

Kusuma Madamala, PhD, Public Health Systems Consultant, Portland, Oregon

Laura Kittross, MPH, JD, Public Health Program Manager, Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Wendy S. Hirschenberger, MPH, CPHA, Health Officer, Grand Traverse County Health Department, Traverse City, Michigan