Measuring the authority of local public health directors in the context of organizational structure: An exploratory, multimodal approach

This article examines the relationship between organizational structure and authority of local public health directors based on data collected from Minnesota local health directors. It illustrates that emerging practice-based research networks can successfully collaborate on small-scale research projects with immediate application for systems development. Study findings are reportedly being used by local public health officials […]

Horizon Implementation Work Plan 2014

This implementation work plan developed by the Horizon (Minnesota) restructuring committee outlines next step issues for ongoing discussion, their priority levels, who is responsible, target dates, and status notes for moving forward with consolidating three local public health departments that cover five counties. This document can be used as a template and example for jurisdictions […]

Horizon Community Health Board Restructuring Committee Meeting Minutes

This series of minutes from the Horizon (Minnesota) restructuring committee provides a detailed overview of the process undertaken to address issues related to governance, budget and finance, programs and services, personnel/staff issues, community partnerships, and physical facilities/offices while exploring consolidation of three public health departments covering five counties.

Horizon Community Health Board 2012 Quality Improvement Plan Goals

This document outlines the 2012 quality improvement plan goals established for the Horizon Community Health Board (Minnesota): 1) assess and address quality improvement as it relates to the broad five-county community health board; 2) explore organizational structure options to identify the structure that will support the organization’s capacity to meet national accreditation standards and measures; […]

Horizon Performance Management System

This chart provides a visual overview of service program team leads and oversight committee responsibility for the Horizon Community Health Board (Minnesota) Performance Management System. The document is part of a package that details activities by five counties exploring restructuring of their public health departments in order to assure the current and future presence of […]