Strengthening Public Health in the Mountains of Colorado

Back in 2005, six health departments on Colorado’s western slope began their journey to establish what is now the West Central Public Health Partnership. The partnership has engaged in a variety of projects and offered a number of services previously out of the reach of the individual member health departments. This publication is from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services.

The Economic Cost of Communicable Disease Surveillance in Local Public Health Agencies

This article assessed the financial implications of communicable disease surveillance in Colorado local public health agencies to identify possible economies of scale. Communicable disease surveillance is a core public health service required by local public health agencies in Colorado, and this study used staff salaries and time logs to estimate the amount of time devoted […]

West Central Public Health Partnership: A Case Study in Public Health Collaboration

Health officials from six counties along Colorado’s Western Slope came together with a common goal of strengthening the region’s public health infrastructure culminating in the establishment of the West Central Public Health Partnership (WCPHP). In the years that followed, officials enacted intergovernmental agreements outlining partnership roles and responsibilities, and participants embarked on numerous multi-jurisdictional public […]

Intergovernmental Agreement (San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership in Colorado)

This document provides an example of a four-year intergovernmental agreement among six counties in Colorado officially recognizing the collaborative efforts of their jurisdictions to develop regional agreements, activities, and infrastructure for shared public health services in an effort to increase capacity, contain costs, maximize assets and effectively impact health outcomes.

Colorado Biannual Survey of Existing Public Health Services

This Biannual Survey of Existing Public Health Services asks about the provision of public health services among local health departments across Colorado. It can be used as an assessment tool to determine what public health services may be offered in some jurisdictions and not offered in others to initiate discussion around potential sharing arrangements. It […]