RE-ACT Podcast

Resource Summary

This podcast by the Public Health Services and Systems Research (PHSSR) and the Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks (PHPBRN) presents an interview between Dr. Paul Halverson and Dr. Justeen Hyde, Co-Director of the Massachusetts Public Health Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN), discussing cross-jurisdictional sharing. The rationale for interest in CJS is discussed as are results from ongoing research. Findings suggest that the CJS planning process works best where relationships are already in place among the participating communities, which means there is a history and a certain level of trust between the collaborators. Findings also indicate that strong, transparent, action-focused facilitation in planning meetings has been beneficial. Dr Hyde also indicates that when the people around the planning table have common goals from the beginning the process goes much more smoothly.

Available online:

Halverson, P. K., & Hyde, J. (2013, January). RE-ACT. National Coordinating Center for PHSSR & Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks Podcast. Podcast retrieved April 11, 2013, from