Local Health Department-Health Center Services Sharing Tools

Resource Summary

With support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) partnered with the Center for Sharing Public Health Services to develop the following suite of tools that support the sharing of services – both clinical and nonclinical – between local health departments (LHDs) and health centers.

Legal Checklist A guide to assist in developing legal agreements that govern shared services arrangements between LHDs and health centers.

Readiness Factors for Shared Services Arrangements A tool to help evaluate levels of readiness between LHDs and health centers that are considering or are already involved in collaborating through shared services arrangements.

Roadmap to Develop Shared Services Arrangements A guide for those working on or considering a sharing arrangement between LHDs and health centers.

Types of LHD-Health Center Shared Services Arrangements This document introduces four main types of shared services arrangements.

Success Factors for Shared Service Arrangements A guide to those factors or conditions that materially contribute to
successful sharing arrangements between LHDs and health centers.

Collaboration Trust Scale for Shared Service Arrangements– A conversation tool for LHDs and health centers containing a series of questions organized under headings which represent areas that should be considered when assessing trust.