Governance and Fiscal Issues

Economic Impact Analysis Tool

This tool is an online calculator for translating project-specific impacts into community-wide effects, including new health and community services provided, number of jobs created, wages earned, and overall impact on the economy. Potentially useful tool for the lead agency of a sharing arrangement to demonstrate the effect of personnel and other spending in the jurisdiction. […]

Policy Guide for Public Health Laboratory Test Service Sharing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Association of Public Health Laboratories co-sponsor the Laboratory Efficiencies Initiative (LEI), which is working to ensure a sustainable public health laboratory system. The group considers interstate test service sharing to be one of the most promising strategies for improving efficiency at public health laboratories. To assist […]

Colorado Biannual Survey of Existing Public Health Services

This Biannual Survey of Existing Public Health Services asks about the provision of public health services among local health departments across Colorado. It can be used as an assessment tool to determine what public health services may be offered in some jurisdictions and not offered in others to initiate discussion around potential sharing arrangements. It […]

Horizon Implementation Work Plan 2014

This implementation work plan developed by the Horizon (Minnesota) restructuring committee outlines next step issues for ongoing discussion, their priority levels, who is responsible, target dates, and status notes for moving forward with consolidating three local public health departments that cover five counties. This document can be used as a template and example for jurisdictions […]

Horizon Community Health Board Restructuring Committee Meeting Minutes

This series of minutes from the Horizon (Minnesota) restructuring committee provides a detailed overview of the process undertaken to address issues related to governance, budget and finance, programs and services, personnel/staff issues, community partnerships, and physical facilities/offices while exploring consolidation of three public health departments covering five counties.

Horizon Community Health Board 2012 Organizational Structure Committee

This document outlines the 2012 organizational restructure committee’s starting principles of agreement, primary areas of consideration (i.e., governance, budget and finance, programs and services, personnel/staff issues, community partnerships, and physical facilities/offices), and proposed timeframe for exploring restructuring three health departments covering five counties in order to assure the current and future presence of a strong […]

Horizon Performance Management System

This chart provides a visual overview of service program team leads and oversight committee responsibility for the Horizon Community Health Board (Minnesota) Performance Management System. The document is part of a package that details activities by five counties exploring restructuring of their public health departments in order to assure the current and future presence of […]

Q & A: Determining and Distributing the Costs of Shared Services (June 2014 Webinar)

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services presented a webinar in June 2014 that focused on issues associated with cost determination and allocation methods of shared public health services. The discussion was led by Justin Marlowe, PhD, CGFM, Endowed Professor of Finance and Civic Engagement at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at […]