Governance and Fiscal Issues

Considering Consolidation to Build Stronger Local Health Departments

This master’s degree paper submitted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides an overview of the issues surrounding consolidation of local health departments. The author discusses potential benefits (including cost savings, increased capacity to provide essential services, and increased preparedness), the concerns associated with consolidation (including loss of control, low priority of […]

A Roadmap for Government Transformation

This report provides the results of facilitated research and discussion about ways for governmental leaders to transform governmental service delivery within Wisconsin by 1) determining whether having fewer governments is truly more efficient and cost effective than having more local governments; 2) understanding how existing regional government organizations synthesize local and regional interest to get […]

Local Government Collaboration In Wisconsin: Case Studies

This report provides a collection of Wisconsin-based case studies focused on collaborative and cooperative initiatives among public sector providers. Service areas covered include public health and safety and infrastructure services — including fire, medical, animal control, dispatch, highway service, water, sanitation, etc. The report also include cross-cutting findings about the obstacles to collaboration and lessons […]

Intergovernmental Agreement (San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership in Colorado)

This document provides an example of a four-year intergovernmental agreement among six counties in Colorado officially recognizing the collaborative efforts of their jurisdictions to develop regional agreements, activities, and infrastructure for shared public health services in an effort to increase capacity, contain costs, maximize assets and effectively impact health outcomes.

Public Health Cost Estimation Methods and Consolidation of Local Health Departments in Ohio: Motivation and Impacts

These presentation slides accompany a webinar hosted by the Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks National Coordinating Center. The webinar focused on the use of cost estimation methods to predict staffing and spending for public health improvement standards (using NACCHO core public health services). In addition, results were shared from a study of 20 city-county public […]

Policy Brief–Consolidation of Local Health Departments in Ohio: Motivations and Impacts

This report examines the motivations for and impacts of consolidations of local public health departments in Ohio. Since 2001, there have been twenty cases of city health departments merging their public health services with those of a county health department or another city health department in Ohio, and this has resulted in a 13 percent […]

CPI Inflation Calculator

This website sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a tool that calculates changes in prices for all goods and services based on the annual inflation rate and can be used for estimating costs and benefits in public health that could be useful for analyzing costs and benefits of a shared services arrangement. Available […]