Governance and Fiscal Issues

Strengthening Massachusetts Local Public Health: Moving from 351 to Double Digits

This presentation describes the roll-out of a regionalization program in Massachusetts to reduce the number of its public health districts and create a number of shared districts that would provide equal access to health care and retain the authority of local public boards of health. The presentation describes reasons for the process and how it […]

Summit County Health District and Akron Health Department Consolidation Feasibility Study

This is a report on a feasibility study for the Summit County Health District (Ohio) and the Akron Health Department that examined the critical issues that could support or impede a successful merger with guidance from the health care community. The critical issues addressed include: governance, personnel, finance, public health services, facilities, legal issues, timetable […]

Regionalization of Government Services: Lessons Learned & Application for Public Health Service Delivery

This report examines regionalization experiences of government services providers for lessons learned and best practices. It analyzes models in the fields of education, public safety, regional councils, water/waste management and economic development, and provides 17 detailed case studies. Kaufman, N. J. (2010). Regionalization of Government Services: Lessons Learned & Application for Public Health Service Delivery. […]

Success Factors for Implementing Shared Services in Government

This report presents key success factors that can be employed by government in implementing shared services. Research participants were individuals currently or previously involved in shared service implementation. The authors found five key success factors, 1) Strong project management skills, 2) Senior-level support, 3) Effective communication, 4) Strong change management, and 5) A phased approach […]

Public Health Futures: Considerations for a New Framework for Local Public Health in Ohio

This report proposes a model for Ohio’s local governmental public health system. The model includes a mechanism for governance and sustainable financing that considers cross-jurisdictional sharing and/or regionalization, enhances quality, and assures value. The project, which is the result of a public health project guided by a steering committee of health commissioners, explored cross-jurisdictional sharing […]

Coping with Crisis: How are Local Governments Reinventing Themselves in the Wake of the Great Recession?

This ICMA sponsored paper rests on the assumption that persisting economic hard times will eventually require managers and governing boards to adopt service delivery and budget balancing strategies beyond the typical “business as usual” approaches used in past recessions. According to the results of the research: 1) Most approaches are aimed at cutting expenditures rather […]

Controlling the Cost of Government

This document provides an overview of the Cost of Government Governing Summit hosted by Governing in September 2012.  It is a guide for public officials as they focus on managing costs rather than simply managing their budgets, which requires transforming both operations and decision making through greater transparency, use of performance data, and communication about […]

A County Manager’s Guide to Shared Services in Local Government

This report provides shared service delivery examples and presents recommendations from experienced county officials from a view of county government as a strategic hub for shared services by answering: what are shared service projects; why counties are considering shared service delivery; and what shared service are not. The report identifies the preconditions necessary for successful […]

Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing of Services and Resources

This presentation, made during the annual meeting of the National Network of Public Health Institutes on May 23, 2012, in New Orleans provides an overview of organizational shared capacity in public health, identifies gaps in elected officials’ understanding of public health issues, discusses cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) of public health services efficiencies and capacities, and identifies […]

County Manager’s Guide to Shared Services in Local Government

Budget stress in the wake of the recent recession has been an incentive for many U.S. local officials to explore new cooperative relationships with neighboring jurisdictions. County governments are in a strategic position to develop shared service projects and interlocal agreements for service delivery. This web-based article provides an overview of and introduction to shared […]