Governance and Fiscal Issues

Local Board of Health Guidance for Cross‐Jurisdictional Sharing Arrangements in Kansas

This document was created specifically for local policymakers to introduce them to the concept of CJS and to explain how it has been used to deliver public health services in Kansas. The document is meant to be shared with board of health members. Available online:

Cross-Jurisdictional Public Health Sharing Arrangements in Kansas

Public health funding in Kansas and the nation has decreased in recent years, while the responsibilities of public health agencies have not. As resources become more limited, public health departments must explore alternate ways to effectively and efficiently provide foundational public health services to their communities. Some counties in Kansas are responding to this challenge […]

Service Sharing – How Counties Do More with Less

This National Association of Counties (NACo) Counties Futures Lab publication examines three examples of service sharing. This brief shows different ways in which counties, in an environment of fiscal constraints, can continue providing their residents with quality services by cooperating with other entities. This brief is the result of various interviews conducted with county officials […]

Public Health Service Delivery in Pawnee County: A Report for the Pawnee County Board of Health

Pawnee County is a rural county in south-central Kansas with a population of about 6,700. The Board of County Commissioners, which also serves as the Board of Health, asked the Kansas Health Institute and the Center for Sharing Public Health Services to examine the current scope of public health department services and evaluate them against […]

Webinar Recording: Determining and Distributing the Costs of Shared Services (June 2014)

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services presented a webinar in June 2014 that focused on issues associated with cost determination and allocation methods of shared public health services. The webinar was held in conjunction with the release of the Center’s publication Determining and Distributing Costs of Shared Public Health Services. The discussion was led […]

Recording: Collaboration Across Boundaries: Ten Compelling Ideas (January 2014)

Catherine Gerard, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, focuses on the skills and capacities that support shared leadership, in addition to strategies to develop and employ them. The presentation took place in January 2014, at the Center’s Shared Services Learning Community (SSLC) meeting in San Diego. Download the Slides