Accreditation / Essential Services

Evaluation of Regionalization Planning Efforts in Kansas and Massachusetts

On their own, many small, local health departments do not have the resources to meet accreditation program standards. As a result, several states have begun thinking about how to increase the capacity of local public health in order to not only meet accreditation standards, but also to provide citizens with services that they need and […]

Proposal to Cabarrus Health Alliance and Guilford County Health Department “Project Smile” (Specific Request for Consulting Services)

The document outlines a conceptual framework for developing a shared services plan for oral health consulting, including a detailed work plan, shared staffing recommendations and definitions, strategic recommendations, and general recommendations. It was produced by the Project Smile demonstration site in North Carolina.

Sharing Public Health Functions and Capabilities: Models of Full and Partial Integration

The goal of this session, presented at the 142nd Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, was to learn about two models of CJS arrangements supported by the Center for Sharing Public Health Services and that involve different levels of integration. Horizon Community Health Board (Minnesota) was in the process of pursuing full integration […]

Northwoods Shared Services Project

This presentation provides an overview of the Northwoods Shared Services Project in Wisconsin, a member of the Center’s Shared Services Learning Community, and includes its impetus and the history of collaboration in the region. It also explores resources and expectations for the project, project objectives, process deliverables, organization and approach, accomplishments, and evaluation.