Roadmap Phase Two: Prepare and Plan

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During the second phase on the Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (CJS) Initiatives, jurisdictions prepare and plan by examining whether and how the issues addressed and agreed to in the Explore phase can be implemented. The outcome of this phase is an implementation plan that will meet identified goals. The activities in this phase address the logistical and operational aspects of implementing the intended CJS arrangement.

It is important to note that the planning in this stage is a separate and distinct process from the activities in phase one. Those activities focused on conceptual feasibility, which establishes clarity about why to consider CJS and what to pursue. An important element from phase one is to make sure those most accontable and responsible are fully on board before moving forward. The activities in phase two emphasize operational planning and must be based on the results of the exploratory activities from Phase One. They can’t be done concurrently.

Select a link below to access a list of questions to consider and resources relevant to each of the issues that should be visited while in the Prepare and Plan phase:
Service Implications
Workforce Issues
Legal Issues
Legal Sharing Agreement
Logistical Issues
Change Management
Performance Measurement


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