Rural/Small Jurisdictions

A Roadmap for Government Transformation

This report provides the results of facilitated research and discussion about ways for governmental leaders to transform governmental service delivery within Wisconsin by 1) determining whether having fewer governments is truly more efficient and cost effective than having more local governments; 2) understanding how existing regional government organizations synthesize local and regional interest to get […]

Local Government Collaboration In Wisconsin: Case Studies

This report provides a collection of Wisconsin-based case studies focused on collaborative and cooperative initiatives among public sector providers. Service areas covered include public health and safety and infrastructure services — including fire, medical, animal control, dispatch, highway service, water, sanitation, etc. The report also include cross-cutting findings about the obstacles to collaboration and lessons […]

Public Health Partnership (San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership in Colorado)

This document provides an overview of the counties involved in the partnership, including their demographic characteristics. The summary highlights the regions need for improved health care access, describes and lists the public health agencies participating in the partnership, and lists the milestones they have completed in creating and formalizing the partnership.

Public Health Cross Jurisdictional Sharing: The Rural New York Experience

This recorded paper presentation, from the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in 2014, is a year one progress report for a cross-jurisdictional initiative between Genesee and Orleans Counties in rural New York. The paper articulates the rigorous planning process, early successes, challenges, and planned next steps. Available online (pdf):