Communication Tools

Packaging Research for Policymakers

This RWJF Connect Policymaker Outreach webinar helps make the most of opportunities to inform the policy process by showing how to translate findings into policy-relevant materials that maintain the integrity of the research. Available online (password: Connect): *Permission received to provide password (4/16/2014, rw).

Organizational Trust: A Model for Building the High-Trust Organization

This article presents research and practical experiences supporting a model of organizational trust with five key drivers and suggests the five drivers are strong predictors of organizational trust across cultures, languages, industries and types of organizations. The five key drivers are competence, openness and honesty, concern for employees/stakeholders, reliability, and identification. Available online (pdf):

Collaborative Governance and Leadership: A 2012 Survey of Local Government Collaboration

This report provides insights from a survey of senior executives asking about the use of collaboration as a management strategy. In an environment of scarce resources, collaboration is often the way to get things done using a variety of collaboration methods. Available online: