CJS Research

Cross-Jurisdictional Resource Sharing and the Scope and Quality of Public Health Services

These PowerPoint slides are from a webinar presented by the Dissemination and Implementation Research to Improve Value (DIRECTIVE) project. This multistate study conducted in Connecticut and Massachusetts examined relationships between service delivery models and the breadth, cost and quality of local public health services. Two service delivery models were selected for inclusion (independent health departments […]

Collaboration Between Local Health Departments and Community Health Centers

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and the Center for Sharing Public Health Services conducted key informant interviews with staff from local health departments (LHDs) and community health centers (CHCs) to identify resources that support LHD‐CHC sharing of services. This report details the results of the interviews and surveys and discusses […]

Webinar Slides: State Health Departments and Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (October 2018)

Overview: Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) models typically are established to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public health programs and outcomes. CJS arrangements may be initiated by local health departments in response to local needs. In addition, state health departments may use CJS to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state-funded programs or otherwise make system-wide […]