Change Management

Transitioning to Alternative Models of Police Service

This articles discusses results of a study that explored cross-jurisdictional sharing among police services. It addresses issues that may be faced by organizations when they merge into a single unit or when they share services across multiple units. It also presents information from four case studies of forces that engaged in cross-jurisdictional sharing. While not […]

Feasibility Study (San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership in Colorado)

A feasibility study answers the questions, “Should we do this?” and “What do we need to do it?” In this report, the San Luis Valley project examines the feasibility of creating and sustaining the San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership as outlined by their strategic plan. They evaluate their capacity to meet established goals and […]

Accounting for Indirect Costs in Public Health Cost Analyses

There is a gap in research regarding the resources needed to deliver public health activities, which inhibits informed decision making around investments in public health and the allocation of funds among activities. When conducting cost analyses in public health, it is important to include costs from all cost components, including personnel, non-personnel, and indirect costs. […]

Current and Planned Shared Service Arrangements in Wisconsin Local and Tribal Health Departments

This paper reports results of a cross-sectional survey examining current and future cross-jurisdictional sharing efforts across Wisconsin. Authors found wide-spread use of shared services across the state. Participant comments suggested they were satisfied with arrangements. Available online:

Organizational Change: Motivation, Communication, and Leadership Effectiveness

Research indicates that numerous variables have an impact on a leader’s effectiveness. This study explores the behaviors associated with leadership effectiveness in driving change. The findings confirm previous research that identifies change effectiveness skills, while isolating the specific leader behaviors deemed most valuable to implementing change: motivation and communication. Posted with permission: 3/10/2017.