Change Management

Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading

Through vivid stories from all walks of life, the authors present straightforward strategies for navigating the perilous straits of leadership. Whether parent or politician, CEO or community activist, this practical book shows how you can exercise leadership and survive and thrive to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Email more information about this book.

Change Management: A Leadership Guide to Managing Change in the Workplace

This guide identifies a process to successfully manage change in the workplace using tools for communication and staff engagement. Available online (pdf): Call the Center for Sharing Public Health Services for more information about this publication.

Championing Change: Elected Officials Act Locally to Make Their Communities Healthier

This article discusses how elected officials are acting locally to make their communities healthier through efforts to build partnerships across sectors, engage community residents, get buy-in from colleagues, identify no-cost and low-cost solutions, communicate co-benefits, identify sources of funding, and work with public health and nonprofit partners. Available online:

The 4 stages of team development: Where are you?

The link for this resource provides a checklist for tracking progress of team development through the four stages: forming, storming, norming and performing. Available online: Armbruster, S., & Moran, J. (2013). The 4 stages of team development: Where are you? [web page].

Horizon Implementation Work Plan 2014

This implementation work plan developed by the Horizon (Minnesota) restructuring committee outlines next step issues for ongoing discussion, their priority levels, who is responsible, target dates, and status notes for moving forward with consolidating three local public health departments that cover five counties. This document can be used as a template and example for jurisdictions […]

Horizon Community Health Board Restructuring Committee Meeting Minutes

This series of minutes from the Horizon (Minnesota) restructuring committee provides a detailed overview of the process undertaken to address issues related to governance, budget and finance, programs and services, personnel/staff issues, community partnerships, and physical facilities/offices while exploring consolidation of three public health departments covering five counties.

Horizon Performance Management System

This chart provides a visual overview of service program team leads and oversight committee responsibility for the Horizon Community Health Board (Minnesota) Performance Management System. The document is part of a package that details activities by five counties exploring restructuring of their public health departments in order to assure the current and future presence of […]