Change Management

Webinar Recording: Using Change Management Strategies to Facilitate Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (January 2020)

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services held a webinar, Using Change Management Strategies to Facilitate Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing, on January 24, 2020. Watch a recording of the webinar below. View the slides. Description: As exploring and planning for CJS progress, it is easy to be so consumed with the details of these changes that little […]

Change Management: A Recap of our Webinar on How to Help People Adopt Change

January 2020 — Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) initiatives always involve change. When two or more public health departments begin working together to share responsibilities, it can impact staff, community members, governing bodies and other stakeholders, many of whom may not always welcome the change. Change management strategies can help people and organizations adopt change. Read more in our latest Director’s Message.

Webinar Recording: Using Change Management Strategies to Facilitate Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing

January 2020 — Watch a recording of our Jan. 24, 2020, webinar in which Heather Weir, Director of the Office of Strategy and Performance in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, shares key change management concepts and strategies. Change management refers to understanding and addressing the predictable emotions and behaviors people experience with change. Incorporating change management tools and techniques can pave the way for a smooth transition to a CJS arrangement.

The Collaboration Spectrum

This tool, which provides an activity and discussion prompts, allows groups to assess where they fit along a spectrum of collaboration with current or future partners. The spectrum shows seven levels of collaboration, ranging from competition to integration. Trust becomes more important as the level of collaboration increases. This tool is available online at:

Final Recommendations for Consolidators

Based on an assessment of three local health departments, Kent State University personnel make recommendations for public health leaders who are consolidating local health agencies. Recommendations include 1) defining and collecting baseline information, 2) carefully planning the process of implementation, and 3) addressing challenges (i.e., leadership, credibility, assessment of progress). Call the Center for Sharing […]