December Webinar: Minnesota System Wide Project Updates

The Minnesota Department of Health formed the Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative, which is comprised of two levels of participation. There are four Level One teams who had political buy-in prior to receiving support from the Center for Sharing Public Health Services through funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and who are implementing Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (CJS) in their jurisdictions. These four Level One teams report their progress in the videos below as unique CJS projects under the Minnesota System Wide umbrella. There are also seven Level Two teams who are in the earlier or more exploratory phases of CJS.

These project updates were recorded during a Decemmber 6, 2013, webinar of the Shared Services Learning Community (SSLC). To view the project updates from other projects, select one of these links: California through Montana or North Carolina through Wisconsin.

Minnesota System Wide: Bloomington, Edina and Richfield

Minnesota System Wide: Kandiyoha-Renville

Minnesota System Wide: Partnership4Health

Minnesota System Wide: Polk-Norman-Mahnomen