Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Between Tribes and Counties for Emergency Management (Video)

This project from the California Tribal Epidemiology Center at the California Rural Indian Health Board aims to study and promote cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) of emergency management (i.e., preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery) services between tribes and counties in California. It is explained in this recording of the PHSSR Research in Progress Webinar dated April 2016.

Webinar Recording: Ways to Organize Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing — Collaborations Between Large and Small Departments (January 2019)

Overview: A commonly held misconception is that when health department of unequal size partner around CJS, large health departments will end up using their own resources without adequate reimbursement and smaller health departments will be overtaken and lose their decision-making authority. In fact, the Center for Sharing Public Health Services has worked with a number […]

Webinar Slides: State Health Departments and Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (October 2018)

Overview: Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) models typically are established to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public health programs and outcomes. CJS arrangements may be initiated by local health departments in response to local needs. In addition, state health departments may use CJS to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state-funded programs or otherwise make system-wide […]

Webinar Recording: Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors CJS Webinar (May 2015)

Gianfranco Pezzino, Center Co-Director, provided an overview of the Center’s Roadmap to Develop Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Initiatives, including the Success Factors in Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (CJS) Arrangements. Grace Gorenflo, Senior Project Consultant, presents CJS case studies. Teresa Anderson, MSN, APRN-CNS, Health Director at Central District Health Department, and Michele Bever, PhD, MPH, Executive Director of South Heartland […]

Webinar Recording: Rethinking Efficiency — Savings, Value, or Both? (November 2014)

The Center held a webinar November 7, 2014, that focused on efficiency, effectiveness and “return on objectives,” which means getting the best results for the investment. The webinar provides some general tips on effective approaches for advocacy and education on policy-related topics. Before using them to craft any particular message or communications strategy, it is […]

Webinar Recording: Determining and Distributing the Costs of Shared Services (June 2014)

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services presented a webinar in June 2014 that focused on issues associated with cost determination and allocation methods of shared public health services. The webinar was held in conjunction with the release of the Center’s publication Determining and Distributing Costs of Shared Public Health Services. The discussion was led […]

Webinar Recording: The Evolution of a Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Arrangement — Michigan Community Dental Clinics’ Successful Approach to Oral Health (May 2014)

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan formed Dental Clinics North, a shared dental initiative, in 1999 for the six local health departments that make up the Northern Michigan Public Health Alliance. The goal of the cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) arrangement was to stabilize the delivery of oral health services to low-income people. By 2004, the size of […]

Webinar Recording: Accreditation — How Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing Fits into the Picture (May 2014)

The Center for Sharing Public Health Services and the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) presented a webinar on May 6, 2014, that focused on cross-jurisdictional sharing and the accreditation process. Speakers described ways public health department accreditation integrates with cross-jurisdictional sharing and the use of shared documentation as evidence for the Standards and Measures. They […]

Recording: Collaboration Across Boundaries: Ten Compelling Ideas (January 2014)

Catherine Gerard, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, focuses on the skills and capacities that support shared leadership, in addition to strategies to develop and employ them. The presentation took place in January 2014, at the Center’s Shared Services Learning Community (SSLC) meeting in San Diego. Download the Slides