Regionalization in Local Public Health Systems: Public Health Preparedness in the Washington Metropolitan Area

This article examines case studies of regional preparedness structures in the Washington metro area to understand how they have been organized, implemented and governed, as well as to assess their likely impact on public health preparedness and public health systems generally. It reports on increased public health activities in the area since 9/11 and their […]

Legal Issues Concerning Identifiable Health Data Sharing Between State/Local Public Health Authorities and Tribal Epidemiology Centers in Selected U.S. Jurisdictions

This article reviews the state-specific laws in seven selected states which authorize or limit the sharing of identifiable public health data between state public health authorities and Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TECs) for lawful public health activities conducted by TECs. It addresses potential legal and policy privacy issues and solutions related to data-sharing practices.

Patrick Libbey Q&A: Sharing Across Public Health Department Jurisdictions

This article provides an overview of the work of the Center for Sharing Public Health Services. In a question and answer session with Center’s Co-Director Patrick Libbey, the article examines the reasons for the growth of shared public health service arrangements and the spectrum of arrangements, potential benefits in cost-efficiencies and improved service capabilities and […]

Regionalization: A Guide for Sharing Public Services in Massachusetts

This web article provides insight into thinking about regionalization of public services by focusing on municipal public health services in Massachusetts. It includes links to statutory requirements, types of sharing agreements, and other resources. Available online:

Institutional and Economic Determinants of Public Health System Performance.

This article examines the association between institutional, financial and community characteristics of local public health systems and their performance of essential services. It discusses the results of a preliminary study drawing on data from seven states. The researchers conclude that reconfiguring the organization and financing of public health systems in some communities — such as […]

The Extent of Interorganizational Resource Sharing Among Local Health Departments: The Association With Organizational Characteristics and Institutional Factors

This article documents a “big picture” perspective of resource sharing among health departments across the country (NACCHO 2010 Profile Survey). The reported findings indicate that about one-half of all LHDs are engaged in resource sharing. The extent of sharing was lower for those serving larger populations, with city jurisdictions, or of larger size. Sharing was […]

Interjurisdictional Collaboration: Local Public Health Officials Versus County Commissioners

This article reports on a survey of Montana local health officers and county commissioners to determine their viewpoints on interjurisdictional collaboration in public health service delivery. The results indicate that public health officials and county commissioners seem to have similar viewpoints on reasons to collaborate and policy considerations, but different viewpoints on barriers to collaboration. […]